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2020-04-11 - A place to start

Author: @recumbent, published: 2020-04-11, tags: []

I have been failing to get anything like a blog into the wild for, well, more years than I care to remember.

Partly this is a question of whether I have anything worth sharing, and partly its a "how do I do this question" - I'm a software engineer, nothing ever works the way I'd like it to.

So why now?

I have cause to start to write pieces at work that could be blog posts and could be public, they'll go up on the company site but I'd like to be able to keep them for/associated with me and so I need my own site.

There are some other reasons (e.g. I'm trying to present more, so links to slides etc and writeups to go with would be nice).

What and how

The repo for the site is public.

I'm hosting this on azure using Azure CDN to stick the https bit in front.

This is, for now, an entirely static site and the tooling is, in the first instance, Fornax.

Design and structure and all kinds of things are going to be in flux for a while - rather than worry about making it all look good, the minimum useable product for a blog is content. Similarly, whilst I'm a very strong advocate for CI/CD, I'm going to worry about that later - potentially of course that makes for another blog post so, erm, win/win?

If stuff moves I promise to try and make sure there are redirects!

All opinions my own, if you want to bother me I'm @recumbent on Twitter